These are some of the most important research projects in which Jose has worked in.


Skin Cancer Recognition: Master Thesis on algorithms design for skin cancer recognition. Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven. Company Research for Philips Medical Systems. January-October 2007.

Research on CBE: Parallelization and mapping of Philips video processing algorithms onto the Cell Broadband Engine (CBE). Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven. Company Research for Philips Semiconductors. March-December 2006.

Graduation Project: FPGA-based implementation of a channel emulator for 3g communication systems. Master Thesis at the Technical University of Madrid.

Cable network operator design: Design of a fiber optic communication network in a Spanish city. The design included also the business case. Department of Telematic Systems Engineering, Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

Scheduling Aircrafts: Investigate optimization problems arising in the field of Aircraft Scheduling. Semesterarbeit at the Computer Engineering and Networks Laboratory of ETH Zürich.


Eindhoven University of Technology - MSc. in Embedded Systems.

Technical University of Madrid - Ingeniero de Telecomunicación.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETH) - Visiting Student.

Delft University of Technology - Athens course on Cryptography.

Technical University of Vienna - Athens course on Physics.


Embedded Systems

Image Processing

Intelligent Systems

Telecommunication Networks