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Prof. Dr. Fernández got a doctorate in Mathematics from Washington University in St. Louis (1983). He worked at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid as a Mathematical Analysis’ Professor since 1988. His career has also included research works at Mittag-Leffler Institute (Stockholm), Centre de Recerca Matemática (Barcelona), the Mathematical Science Research Institute (Berkeley, California), and the National Science Foundation, where he spent six years and was awarded with a Special Grant in 1986. He has uninterruptedly directed research projects for DGCYT (Ministry of Education of Spain) since 1989. He has also been the chief researcher and coordinator for the European Union’s research project on Conformal Geometry and Geometric Function Theory (1992-1996) where he worked in coordination with research teams from six other European countries.He has written more than forty research papers that have been published in international magazines, such as Annals of Mathematics and Acta Mathematica.

Mr. Fernández was the Head of The Mathematics Department at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He was the general editor for the Royal Spanish Mathematical Society, head of La Gaceta de la Real Sociedad Matemática Española and director for the research magazine Revista Matemática Iberoamericana. He was the president of Comité español del Año Mundial de las Matemáticas (Spanish Committee in the World Mathematics year) and president of the Spanish Committee before the International Mathematical Union. At present, he is the president of the Spanish Committee for the International Congress of Mathematicians 2006.

He is also the co-director of the Master Program in Quantitative Finance at Escuela de Finanzas Aplicadas, and Head of Risks Consultancy and I + D (Development and Investigation) of Tecnología, Información y Finanzas.


Ph.D Washington University

National Science Foundation

Mittag-Leffler Institute

Centre de Recerca Matemática

Mathematical Science Research Institute, Berkeley

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Acta Mathematica

Annals of Mathematics

Royal Spanish Mathematical Society

Analístas Financieros Internacionales